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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and
iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


Wake up one day and realize that your boyfriend/girlfriend, or mother forgot your birthday?

Well, that will never happen again, thanks to Lifejournal.

Lifejournal is a journal/diary/timeline like application that tracks your life’s events in a simple, convenient manner and makes it simple/easy to share with your friends and family.


✔ Simple and Fast entries. Enter what happened and what kind of event it is and be done with it. If you want to me more specific, add tags or a picture.
✔ Share your entries on Twitter, Facebook, E-Mail
✔ Allows friends to comment on entries
✔ Allows private/public entries, no one other than yourself can see the entries.
✔ And More…



Should you buy? *****
Love this app! you are able to write all you want, with pictures, etc..
The only problem is that it crashes sometimes and when you want to keep the diary personal it changes to “everyone” that’s a problem if you want to keep it personal .

by Jessssyy

Crashes A LOT***
Okay, this is a great idea, but it crashes a lot! I look forward to further improvements on it, and would love to see a desktop interface, if there isn’t one already, since that would be mote convenient for entering data from past paper journals.

by claidheamdanns

The search for the holy grail of journals doesn’t end here!***
Although I did not have the same problems as others with this app crashing… This is not the app I have been searching for! But, it got pretty close… Until I saw that the memories I was entering had no method to export them, except one by one, emailing each one, with no single document available. It did have a great calendar that allowed quick entry of long ago dates as well as a very nice photo option.

by markeckert



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